Ontario Launches "One Fare" Program; Claims Will Save Transit Riders $1,600 Annually

Street Car in the rain in downtown Toronto

Photo by Marcin Skalij / Unsplash

The Ontario government has introduced the "One Fare" program to benefit public transit riders by allowing them to transfer for free between various transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Area, including the TTC and GO Transit. This initiative aims to save riders an average of $1,600 annually starting from February 26, 2024. Fully funded by the Ontario government, the program is expected to result in over eight million new rides each year, making cross-boundary travel more affordable and convenient for commuters, especially students and seniors. The government's focus on keeping costs down for Ontarians is highlighted through the implementation of One Fare, alongside other measures such as cutting gas taxes and eliminating road tolls.

Moreover, the One Fare program builds upon previous improvements made by the government to eliminate fares between GO Transit and several transit agencies in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. By investing $70.5 billion over the next decade to transform public transit in the province, including significant subway expansions and enhanced GO train services, Ontario is committed to providing a more seamless, efficient, and cost-effective transit experience for residents. This initiative aligns with over 100 actions outlined in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan, emphasizing fare and service integration to enhance public transit accessibility and affordability across the region.