Ontario Government Announces Refurbishment of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station to Secure Clean Energy Future

The Ontario government is backing Ontario Power Generation's plan to refurbish Pickering Nuclear Generating Station's "B" units, which would produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity post-refurbishment. The project aims to provide reliable, low-cost, and emissions-free power for another 30 years, catering to the increasing demand for electrification and supporting the province's economic growth. The refurbishment is anticipated to be completed by the mid-2030s, creating thousands of new jobs and contributing significantly to Ontario's GDP.

The initiative aligns with Ontario's strategy to meet electricity demand and reduce emissions through various measures, including advancing nuclear energy, competitive procurements for non-emitting electricity resources, new transmission infrastructure development, energy efficiency programs expansion, and planning for future transmission enhancements. The government's focus is on ensuring the project's overall benefit to ratepayers, addressing system bottlenecks, and collaborating with Hydro Québec for potential electricity export opportunities.