Auditor General Report Reveals Poor Cost Tracking, Procurement Issues in ArriveCan App

A recent report by Canada’s auditor general revealed that the total cost of the ArriveCan app cannot be accurately determined due to poor record-keeping practices. The report highlighted various issues in the development and management of the app by federal agencies, including the Canada Border Services Agency and Public Health Agency of Canada. It was noted that financial records were inadequately maintained, making it challenging to ascertain the exact expenses incurred in creating the application.

Furthermore, the audit found discrepancies in the procurement process, with concerns raised about the heavy reliance on external contractors, such as GC Strategies, whose selection process lacked transparency and documentation. The report emphasized that reducing dependency on third-party contractors could have potentially lowered costs and improved value for money. Additionally, there were indications of potential conflicts of interest, as certain CBSA officials were discovered to have close relationships with contractors, raising questions about the integrity of procurement decisions.