AI Pioneer Urges Canada to Swiftly Enact Laws Amid Growing Concerns of 'Superhuman' Technology

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Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Yoshua Bengio, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, emphasized the urgent need for Canada to swiftly implement regulations governing AI technology. He expressed concerns about the potential societal risks posed by the rapid advancement of AI, highlighting the looming possibility of developing "superhuman" intelligence in the near future. Bengio pointed out immediate threats such as deepfake videos spreading disinformation and the growing sophistication of AI systems that could be exploited for cyberattacks.

The House of Commons industry committee is currently examining a bill that aims to regulate certain AI systems and update privacy laws in Canada. Bengio recommended expedited enforcement of specific provisions within the bill, such as establishing a registry for high-capability AI systems to report to the government. He stressed the importance of holding tech companies accountable for ensuring the safety of their AI technologies, especially those with potential national security and societal implications.